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by Flowers to the Welshman at Dusk

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Compilation of very different and very strange tracks written and recorded between 2012 - 2014. Good luck.


released February 4, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Andrés Murillo
Track 4 by Calum Fraser
Tracks 2 and 9 by Andrés Murillo and Joel Trevarthen
Tracks 5 and 7 by Andres Murillo and Dillon Lyons




Flowers to the Welshman at Dusk Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Trial
The Trial awaits
It's made by those who are dead
And they don't regret

The jury at hand
Corpses that now lost in time
Decide on your fate

The audience observes
With narcissistic smiles but
They don't smile at you

The Trial awaits
It's made by those who are dead
And they don't forget
Track Name: Satan's Gasolina

Track Name: Spectre of Love
As your warmth courses through my soul
The eternal aether envelops my glow
The sand in my veins turns into glass

As I look in my angel's reflection
Her silver ripples envelop my haggard being

I was a man, but men are fleeting

You can see me, but you don't feel me
You can hear me, but you may never listen
You may touch me, but I'm a ghost

I want to be by your side forever
But the will of my body has fallen behind

Fingers of silk, dancing through the night
A life shattered in it's prime
Nothing will ever be fine
No more nocturnal soft breasts and red wine

Even in death, finality eludes
I'd carve your name into my arm
But I bleed only nothingness

This love I feel for you will linger in the wind
As I stand behind you, will I ever rest in peace
Track Name: Narcotic Skyline II
The acid moon and the leopard skin sigh
The Narcotic Skyline lingers, resigned to its fate

Wander amongst urban decay
Graffiti on the crumbled walls of yesterday

The circus of life is eternal
The walls of reality are an illusion
The circus of life is eternal

The life slithers from this world
The life slithers out of me
The life slithers out of me
The life withers out of the world

Track Name: MC Hammer Smashed Face
Something inside me
It's, it's coming out
I feel like gettin'
the funk down to this beat

My parents were from Boulder, Colorado
They thought I looked cutest in a wheelchair
So they got me one and said I was disabled
When really all I wanted was to dance

Only behind closed doors
Can I take my feet to the dance floor
I can walk, I can slide
I can lay a whoopin' on ya hide
So miss me
With ya ableist shit
It ain't like I can't get wid it
Maybe everyone's just like me
Forced into sedentariness by hippies

Born to be free
Feet flailing under me

And also I never liked
Organic gluten-free food
GMOs are good for you,
Boulder's just really dumb
Track Name: The Grand Story of Mr. Chandy
It was in the winter of 1946 that Edgar von Chandeau, better known by his friends and close acquaintances as Mr. Chandy, finally decided to invent meat.

It was during a most uneventful rugby game at the local townhouse, in which his interest for smoked pomegranate and knives was overcome by a surge of creative energy.

Few ever questioned Mr. Chandy's penchant for design. However, meat was a most extravagant new frontier, and the prospect of actually eating it didn't agree with the local townsfolk's preferences. It was a ridiculous concept. It was a reddish pink, bloody, and very unpleasant to the nose. On the other hand, Mr. Chandy was sure of the success of his invention.

The actual production process was a secret, but his acquaintances were certain it involved a wooden ladle and a cheese grater at some point. Mr. Chandy, ever the gentleman, and ever the businessman, never revealed his original method, not even to his own children.

For years, meat remained only as a curiosity to be sold and seldom consumed during boxing matches. Early on, Mr. Chandy's quite violent synthesizing technique left his product with the sweet taste of elongated bananas, and while the slippery, wet texture of meat was complemented by the sweetness, it simply couldn't reach the basic pillar meal status its creator had envisioned.

It wasn't until 1932 that meat actually became a respected food item. Its creation, so calculated and precise, was the polar opposite to the way it eventually evolved.

Mr. Chandy was hurrying back home from his local church, when his station-wagon malfunctioned and sent its passenger, and a large cargo of meat hurling, through a school and landing into a post office. This, of course, caused the meat to catch fire.

The realization hit Mr. Chandy like a ton of meat - that, of course being, that meat had to be set on fire in order to be consumed.

Nowadays, hundreds of people enjoy meat worldwide. Its refining process has changed a lot since Mr. Chandy's death in 1946, but the practice of setting it on fire for hours on end before eating it is still in use. Praised for its delicacy, the dry, sandy texture is a favourite in small children and the elderly. However, anybody can pick a taste for some good Mr. Chandy meat. Just don't mix it with bananas.
Track Name: This Existence
The dawn glimmers upon
an egg that was
better off stillborn, dormant in unconsciousness
The shell reluctantly cracks, the calcium carbonate shards
consumed by the mother for nourishment

Enter this existence
Fall in line with the primal cadence
Or expect any and all resistance

All-knowing in ignorance
Infancy and its incidents
Forcing you to learn
Blow by blow

Figures segue
on and off your path
Many die before you
as you will before their offspring
but for now
you trudge onward

Into heartbreak, corporate slavery, atrophy, dementia,
ostracization and other foul plagues
that only consciousness can bring
Out of the shroud that shielded
your egg from the dawn

We know not why your soul was brought into suffering
We know not why your soul was brought into suffering

Oftentimes we are brought into circumstances that we are not meant to understand
We are meant only to find pleasure and peace in the world with the time we are given
In the place that we find ourselves

Your joints rebel through arthritis
Your organs taking on the weight of decades
a leprous form emerging
your body protesting against a life
you were too foolish to end

Exit this existence
No reward for persistence
All reason fades into the distance
Track Name: The Naiad
The moonlight shines, lightning up the dark road
Crystallized phantoms roam in the trees

Like dancing shadows they come
Chantings in the wind
Young maiden of Artemis

She will take your heart to the oracle
The huntress awaits now for your soul

Mystical dryads in the woods
Nymphs of forests lost
Their voices come closer now

Naiad that protects the lake
Her ardent spells domain
Eyes that shine in the day await
Across the lake of the Limnades

A dream of fate warned me
Through the dark of the night
Oh, see that ahead
Is it the light, so bright

Shrine maidens follow heed time after time
A centennial festival arranged for magical girls
A Maiden's capriccio she cast within me, the nymphs dance away
Possessed by a lascivous spell

Only when you find yourself
And encounter the truth
Will the nymph of the woods
Show herself onto you

She will take your heart to the oracle
The huntress awaits now for your soul

And so the story unfolds
In a wheel of light
Her spirit forever roams

Naiad that protects the lake
Her ardent spells domain
Eyes that shine in the day await
Across the lake of the Limnades
Track Name: New Wave of British House Metal